Our Services

Account Management

Your Account Manager oversees the entire development & sourcing process on your behalf; you're never left in the dark.

Product Design & Development

Our product development teams travel widely to ensure we offer the greatest breadth of quality products available.

Global Sourcing

Working with hundreds of manufacturers, we source over 1,000 products and brands each and every year. Our sourcing network continues to grow and includes exclusive distribution of the biggest beauty brands.

Quality Assurances

Exceptionally tight quality control and assurance eliminates risk. Our quality is our reputation. The Technical team manage and register all your CPNP and CSPR needs.

Export & Logistical Management

All logistical and export management processes are managed by our teams in Germany, Hong Kong and U.K. Smooth, end to end logistical management is guaranteed post Brexit.

The Full Service

End to end, top to bottom… whatever your product needs, beauty, gift, lifestyle, homewares, packaging and so much more we do almost everything.